Should I add chat to my site?

Chat can be helpful for some companies, not used for other companies, and simply a pain for another set. You can try it and see which of these categories you fall into. Most people prefer us to add Facebook Messenger to their site as it's quick and easy to set up, and most people already have it on their phone and know how to use it, so there isn't anything additional to set up or learn. Here are some examples to help you decide if chat makes sense for your company's website:

Local Directory Links

It might not be 2003 anymore, but amazingly this strategy can still yield valuable results.

We do a lot of strategic analysis for our clients and one of the things that refuses to die is the value of inbound links from relevant, local content directories. They continue to send direct leads and valuable 'link juice' to our clients' sites.

Google Ads Strategy

Appearing on more searches, which results in more site traffic & ultimately to more leads is the aim for online marketing through Google Ads.

If you search for a generic search phrase in your industry, you are likely to see around four ads (one of them expanded), then a map with a few more results, then if you scroll down, you'll see the top organic search results for that phrase.

Drupal Pitch Deck

We were very pleased to see one of our projects in the official Drupal Pitch Deck.

There are some amazing projects in there across sports, governments, media & publishing, NGOs, charities, education, arts, travel, commerce, finance and more.

Drupal Commerce 2.x Notes & code snippets

Unless you know you want to be reading this you probably don't! It's currently a dumping ground for Commerce 2.x notes and code that we've come across and are likely to need again some time, maybe you need them too?


Formatting prices in code:

Use the