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Dana Dopleach

Dana Dopleach

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Andy Dopleach

The people of Blue Fusion

We help people grow their businesses, and have a lot of fun doing it!

We are a web development company specialising in Drupal, Shopify, and Wix platforms, and helping clients promote their businesses using SEO & Google Ads. We work with clients to create an online presence that extends their client & customer interactions beyond those of traditional in person connections, and help to create online operational improvements that can allow them to grow their organisations.

Our designs are focused on user experience; while our development team focuses on building systems to allow our clients to increase the scalability of their organisations. If that sounds like your focus too, then get in touch and together we can build a fabulous website.


After seven years of building websites within organisations to serve a business function, BlueFusion came into existence in 2004, when we started helping other companies build their websites & organisations. These side projects' owners then told their friends, who told their friends, and soon our evenings & weekends filled up with web projects. In 2012, we jumped to a full time business. Now we are able to help more than a hundred companies grow at once, rather than growing one company at a time.

While we are based in Lyttelton, Christchurch, our clients are based throughout New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, the US, and the UK. We are experienced in collaborating on web projects online and across time zones.

Our professional backgrounds cover online, bricks and mortar, and 'clicks and mortar' retail, management, economics, management information systems, teaching, and designing & implementing small to medium size company operations.

If you're looking for a new web site, a rebuild of your old one, or need some help improving your web presence contact us for help.