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61 Jacksons Rd
New Zealand

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Common meeting lengths:

  • 30-60 minutes for online meetings
  • 60 minutes for meetings at your location
  • 120 minutes for training sessions

What happens next:

Within Christchurch or Lyttelton Harbour?

After your initial contact, we work with you to learn your hopes & dreams and then make them into a reality. If you are in the Christchurch or Lyttelton Harbour region, we can meet at your business location to discuss your business and how your customers may conduct business with you online. Every business is different, so this initial meeting is very important to be sure we are heading in the correct direction for your business.

Outside Christchurch or New Zealand

If you are outside the Christchurch region we can meet by whatever means suits you best: Email, phone and Skype are all good. For businesses who interact directly with their customers at a given location, we’ll ask for photos of your business and any branding elements that you have to get an idea of the business premise's look and feel. This ensures your website best represents your business and that your branding efforts are aligned and coherent.