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Your website really is your best salesperson - or it should be. It's the first thing the vast majority of your customers will see and first impressions count. Does your site really act as a good window on your company and guide the right leads to your door? Does it close sales for you? Is it so easy for you & your staff to use that it's always up to date and a pleasure to work with?

Make a great impression

We can help you turn those online searches into sales and leads, and get your site visitors to pick up the phone, send you an email or click that checkout button. You need your site to really reflect what your company is about. There's a lot of competition out there so make sure you're putting your best foot forward.

Spend staff time wisely

We will work with you and your staff to make sure the interfaces we provide match their needs and use cases. Maintain data in your system just once, update it in one location and see it flow throughout your site - and any other applications connected to your site. Reducing staff frustration with systems is one of the top ways to increase the quality of your workplace, revenue of your business and happiness of your staff.

Need reports?

Having a high performing site and getting lots of leads & sales is great, but how do you know what's working? What should you be doing more, or less, of? We can set up specialised reports that you can run online yourself and we can produce monthly/weekly reports that target your current focus. Give us a call and talk it over.

Why BlueFusion?

We love making sites work for businesses and reducing the need for frustrating admin work.

Check out our portfolio for examples of our client work and testimonials.