How to look like an expert

If you'd like to look like an expert online then it really helps if you know your subject, I'll assume that you do - if you don't then you have some work to do before it's worth you reading this article.

Your 'real' search results

If you use Google to search, you're not seeing the same search results as anyone else.

Your website is your business

What we mean by that is that your web site is a window on your business. Visitors will look at your site and base their opinions of your company on your web site.

What do they see?

10 ways to choose a great domain name

Just about to register a domain name to put your fabulous website on? Read on, because getting your domain name right is important, and it's worth spending a little time making sure you've got the right domain. The right choice may not be the obvious one, and it may not be the one you think it is.

Add to Cart form on a non-product node in Drupal(7) Commerce

Often clients write pages to support a product they carry to provide further information on its use, general information on issues this product can help with etc.

Rather than simply provide a link to the Product page in question how much better would it be to have the relevant add to cart form display on this informational page?

Depending on your set up it can be done with no, or very little, coding.