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Painfree Payroll...???

We recently had the pleasure of attending a presentation by the fabulous Lani of Thankyou Payroll. Their business plan revolves around the fact that everyone hates dealing with payroll. Even the IRD don't like dealing with payroll! In fact, the IRD hate dealing with it so much that they pay ~10 companies around NZ to make the pain go away. Thankyou Payroll is one of those 10 companies, but they do things a little differently.

Bing vs Google

Is it really time to shift to a new search engine? Has Google finally lost its edge and taken too many steps to maximise its revenue instead of serving its customers?

Let's face it, Google has been the only place to get your search results for a very long time now. No other search engine has got close to providing the breadth and depth of results that the mighty Google has. But I think the winds are shifting.

Why Choose Drupal Commerce?

E-commerce keeps evolving, and the rate of change isn't showing any signs of slowing down. Every day there are new ways to connect with your existing customers and to find new ones.

Drupal Commerce is almost uniquely suited to meeting those challenges, and it goes right to the core of what makes Drupal such a special project.

A quick Shopify review

Shopify is one of the three core e-commerce platforms that we work with - the others being the more powerful Drupal Commerce, and the less powerful WiX Stores & other commerce options. This is a quick Shopify review highlighting some of its great, and not so great, features.

Convert your print design into a web site

Print and web are very different skill areas. If you're looking to convert your print, or graphic, design into a fabulous web site we can bring the web expertise and delivery to your project.

Search engine results: how to target your keyword phrases

Who'd like their site to rank higher for their chosen keywords? Thought so!

The first step in any SEO ranking mission is to define your aims, work out how to get to them and then implement your plan. So, before you take the time to read this article you need to have your keyword search terms defined.

Got your keyword phrases sorted? Great.

Got an idea of what success means and how you'll know when you've achieved it? Also great.

Define your keywords

Getting to the 'top of the search results' is great, but what terms do you want to be #1 for? Getting lots of visits and leads from irrelevant keywords is not going to help your business, and it may even cost you money and time.

How to look like an expert

If you'd like to look like an expert online then it really helps if you know your subject, I'll assume that you do - if you don't then you have some work to do before it's worth you reading this article.

Your 'real' search results

If you use Google to search, you're not seeing the same search results as anyone else.

Your website is your business

What we mean by that is that your web site is a window on your business. Visitors will look at your site and base their opinions of your company on your web site.

What do they see?