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Google Ads

When you need to reach your target market quickly and effectively, Google Ads can be your best friend.

Instant Results

The fastest way to the top of the search engine results for your chosen keywords is Google Ads - with the right targetting and budget, you can sit at the very top of Google. Your business can be the first result on page 1 of the search results for your chosen keywords - if you have the budget to compete for that spot, and have the relevant content available on your website for those keywords.

To get the right ad content, mix of keywords, geographical targeting and more, all matched with the right cost per click can take a while to set up & monitor, but Google Ads will deliver targetted customers to your site far faster than a well worked SEO campaign. And it may even be cheaper and offer a better ROI.

Check your industry

In some industries, you won't be seen even if you are the top organic result as this listing is placed below both the top ads and the map section, placing your listing well below the fold. Enter your most important keyword into Google and check to see how many of your competitors are using Google AdWords, and whether or not your industry is considered a 'local search keyword' and if the results include maps. This will help you decide if AdWords is the best way to the top of your industry searches

Google Ads gives instant results and can be a cost effective way of generating leads if SEO competition in your market is tough, or useless, for your main keywords, and you need to start seeing results today. Often it is best matched with some SEO style work to ensure that the landing pages for your adverts are well targetted and achieve the best results & lowest cost per click.

Are there drawbacks?

The drawback of Google Ads is that as soon as you stop spending you will stop seeing results, it also takes a little time to get the balance of adverts right so that you aren't wasting money on ads that don't provide results due to geography, wording, or other targetting issues. At the start there will be some 'sunk costs' to your advertising, but with good iteration cycles as the initial data arrives, they will rapidly improve, and then monthly maintenance drops significantly. You also have to be sure your website will convert people when they arrive. If you are getting traffic but they aren't turning into clients, then we need to figure out why that is happening & correct the issue - this may be in the site design or layout, and it may be in the way the ads are written or targeted. It's more common in the beginning of a campaign to discover these sorts of issues, and if we have access to edit your site we can work both ends of the puzzle to fix any issues that arise.

If you'd like to start getting more qualified leads, or have questions about how Google Ads works, talk to us today.