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You Can Fitness

Christchurch, New Zealand

Kirsten was ready to expand her Personal Training business beyond just her bread an butter of private one on one personal training sessions with women over 35.

She designed and set up BoxHer classes, shhe designed and landed corporate wellness programs, and she designed and manufactured two exercise gear products that she wanted to sell online.

Wix's business plan offers all of their eCommerce programs in one handy hosting plan, allowing us to use Wix Bookings for her 1:1 sessions & group classes, Wix Plans for her payment plans & packages, Wix Store to sell her gear, And Wix Bookings again, but in a different way, to allow corporate clients to book their free initial planning sessions to develop their wellness programs, along with showcasing some examples to inspire them.

She had built a basic Wix site herself, which allowed us to have the basic content already in place for some of the pages, making for a faster build than if we were building from scratch.

Her branding had some distinctive features in it, which provided design themes and elements to work throughout the site.

Her photos were excellent, taken by Juliette Capaldi of Etta Images, with lots of options that could be used across the site.

Kirsten now has a professional and feature rich site to drive her business forward.

Our project

  • Redesign a current Wix site
  • Set up Wix Bookings
  • Set up Wix Stores
  • Set up Wix Plans
  • Set up Corporate Wellness Programme page
  • Create combined Bookings & Plans page
  • Write copy to summarise the sections of her business for the home page