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Vogt CE

Denver, Colorado

Vogt CE designs and constructs airfields in both New Zealand and the US.

These two international markets are very different, and have different certifications and industry credibility needs. Being a small company whose contracts are mostly won by word of mouth, building a single website that could detect user location and serve different content according to the locaton of the visitor wasn't going to provide a positive return on investment over creating two simple sites - one for New Zealand, with Pacific projects, spelling and culture; and one for the US with a different set of projects, spelling, certifications and culture in the design & content layout. 

The two sites are very similar, making them easy to maintain and providing constitency in branding while also tailoring the message to the local market.

To visit the US site go to: www.vogtce.com

Our Project

  • Design & build two sites - one for New Zealand, one for the US
  • Set up G Suite
  • Link the two sites together

The experience was eye opening. [The best part of working with BlueFusion is their] trustworthiness and competence.

- Andrew Vogt, Vogt Construction Engineering