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The Styx Living Laboratory Trust

Christchurch, New Zealand

The Styx Living Laboratory Trust was set up in 2002 to realise Christchurch City Council's Vision #3 in The Styx - Develop a 'Living Laboratory' that focuses on learning & research in the Styx River catchment.

Their existing site had been great, but the technology it was built on had become dated and unreliable - the Flash based graphs at the core of their mission worked erratically, it wasn't responsive and couldn't be edited by the volunteers, board & trustees.

They wanted something that would maintain continuity of feel with their existing site & branding, that would give them back their data graphing as well as adding a few new features, and that would engage visitors better.

They now have all these things and are able to add users within a set of roles - such as observation data recorder and site editor - so they can spread the load of keeping their wealth of information up to date.

The community, school & individuals making water quality observations in the field are now able to make their data entries directly into the system using their preferred devices, the trust placed in these trained environmental monitors means the data is then instantly available on the site - and can be edited by users with the right access level in the future should entry/recording mistakes be made. Workflow is always key to community group success and this system reduces core volunteer data entry work.

The site has a great deal of data including research papers, historical information, location information, mapping and  newsletters. This is now all interconnected and easy to maintain, build on and update. It makes extensive use of the Google Maps API for pinning locations and displaying information on the observation sites.

Thanks to the co-operation of, builders of the previous site, we were able to get access to the historical observation data and migrate it straight into the new structure with limited cleaning - thanks Lawrence!

This project was selected to be in the Drupal project's Drupal Pitch Deck, a tool for agencies to promote Drupal to potential clients - it has a number of great site builds throughout if you are considering Drupal for your web project. 

Our Project

  • Data Migration from legacy DB
  • Content Migration from existing site
  • Data visualisation with
  • Design & Build, based on existing site theme
  • Mapping - Google maps API & geo-encoding
  • Online Water Quality Monitoring data recording - user accounts for data entry, content management, management of user groups. This becomes immediately available in the data visualisation
  • Drupal 8 site build
  • Launch, delivery & ongoing support

I would recommend BlueFusion to any organisation considering a quality product.

I think the STYXLL were exceptionally lucky to work with developers who understood this project, thought it through and often researched the internet to provide missing information.

 -- Marilyn Watson
STYXLL Secretary/Treasurer