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Lyttelton, NZhttp://www.snoclothes.co.nz

Heather, SnoClothes owner, had been working with another design company to get her product line live on Shopify but the project had stalled. She approached us to take over the design, development and launch of the site. With winter already underway, and given the seasonal nature of the business, she was looking for a quick launch window. She didn't want to sacrifice the quality of design and overall site, but was willing to focus on it for a period to make it happen.

Our project: 

We discussed branding and style with Heather and presented her with options. Once she was happy with the design and signed it off we implemented that design into Shopify's templating system - using a base theme to give us a head start.

Then we handed the keys back to Heather and helped her with the site structure, setting her free to add her products and content.