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Shoreline Toastmasters

Shoreline Toastmasters

Christchurch, NZhttp://www.shorelinetoastmasters.org.nz

Shoreline Toastmasters is a Toastmasters club that serves the Sumner, Red Cliffs, Heathcote, Ferrymead & Lyttelton areas in Christchurch.  The long time members have so much fun with their speaking, and with helping new members, that some of them drive a long way every week to enjoy their evenings with their speaking friendly.  

The group wanted a site that would reflect the friendly and fun nature of the group, how much they laugh every Monday, and remove any fear people may have about coming to their first Toastmaster meeting.  Learning with this club is fun, and the knowledge base is extensive with many experienced and some professional speakers - all excited to help those who are starting out as much as those who are advanced speakers.

A weekly email summary of the meetings has been emailed to all the members, for many years, and the thought was that the site would be more useful for current members and new members alike if these meeting reports were posted on the website as well.  It had to be a very easy process, as everyone in the group is a volunteer.  

The website we made for them allows anyone within the group to log in and post the meeting notes & notices in one place.  This information is then used throughout parts of the site, such as the home page, so the front page always contains new content, without anyone having to do more work than had been regularly done before the site was created.  Now it is easy for member and non-members alike to find the dates of upcoming events, read the notices and enjoy the meeting reports, even if they weren't able to attend the meeting themselves.  There is also a comment feature for each meeting report, so members may continue the discussion after the night, posting links for more information, or photos of the evening if they'd like to.  

The trickiest part working with the Toastmasters brand is that there is a very closely defined set of rules and regulations that have to be adhered to by all club websites.  Creating a website that reflects the unique & friendly nature of this club was difficult as the brand is very business-like in nature.  However, working with their required colours, fonts, and spacing, everyone felt the design fulfilled both requirements - that of the brand, and that of the club - win-win!!

Our project: 
  • Update Drupal 7 theme & structure
  • Create a custom theme within the Toastmasters International branding guidelines
  • Add Disqus to manage member conversations on the site