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Christchurch, New Zealand

When Wendy noticed that there wasn't a kid-centred hair salon in Christchurch, she knew she had found her niche.

ZigZag Creative did the branding work, completing the logo and providing brand assets & photos to us directly so that the site design easily came together. ZigZag Creative then designed the shop signage & put together the Facebook page & promotional plan ready for site launch.

We chose Timely for bookings as it offers a range of hairdressing options. Wendy provided us with a service list, with descriptions, timings and pricing, and we built out her range of online bookable services in Timely leaving her ready to get cutting.

Our Project

  • Wix build based on branding by ZigZag Creative
  • Timely Booking System Set up & Link

Working with Dana and Andy has been an absolute breeze!

They knew immediately what I needed and wanted for my website and made it so much better than I could ever have dreamed possible.

They dealt with my lack of technical knowledge with grace and a huge dollop of good humour!

It was very easy to communicate with them through the Trello app and to see exactly how everything was progressing and how I could assist them.

Thank you again guys, your hard work is deeply appreciated!

- Wendy Randall