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Rangiora, New Zealand
Salta Horses

Salta Horses is one of only 15 providers of Eagala (Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association) certified Horse Therapy programmes in New Zealand, one of three in the South Island, and the only provider in Canterbury, with the other two south island facilities far away in Nelson & Otago.  They provide a unique horse therapy & personal development service in the Canterbury area.

Eagala providers give their clients unique experiences with high success rates in both the Therapy & Team building industries using a set of techniques & a strict code of ethics developed by Eagala. 

Deirdre was well known in therapy circles, and relied solely on personal referrals for many years.  As her business expanded, she needed to provide her growing number of new clients with a location to gather information on her location & learn more about the techniques they could expect during their sessions.  The site also provided the additional credibility required to allow referring medical professionals to be able to easily explain to funding agencies how the therapy works, and why they were referring their clients for this particular type of therapy.  

Now her ten team members have a strong online presence and are able to help a larger number of people than ever before. 

Our Project

  • Developed a custom Drupal7 theme that would show off the excellent photography provided by Salta Horses and Eagala - the global standard for equine assisted psychotherapy & personal development - while immersing the visitor in the nature of the horses and the therapy they can provide.
  • Creation of branded fillable pdf forms for referring medical care providers to use to refer clients if their systems won't allow them to use the online forms.
  • Incorporate solutions for operational issues such as clients getting lost in the countryside (detailed directions as well as integrated Google Maps for those with smart phones).
  • Organise the eagala concepts & edit provided content to best convey the unique therapy & personal development opportunities provided by this unique team of human and equine professionals.
  • Business card design

BlueFusion was 100% focused on what I needed.

They ironed out glitches when they came up and they worked at my pace using some really simple on line tools to communicate with me which worked just fine for me - even though I am not that technical!

Through this whole process they were professional, friendly and fun and most importantly they delivered a really great product!

Thank you.

 - Deirdre Ryan, Director