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Christchurch, NZ

What does one of New Zealand's top jewellery designers need from an ecommerce website?

Well, amongst other things it has to:

  • show off the range to its best
  • reflect the branding and market position of the designer
  • be able to display the jewellery in the collections it belongs to
  • work across a full range of modern devices
  • be ready for international sales and be able to display prices in the viewers preferred currency while still charging in NZD
  • B2C & B2B capabilities
  • segmentation of B2B customers

Pam Kerr wanted her site to showcase her designs to both her retailers and to customers unable to reach a local store.  After a successful period of retail/B2C only on Shopify we moved Pam to Drupal Commerce. This has given her far more control over the structure, pricing & access levels on her site. It offers ease of use, easy display of multi-currencies, and the ability to integrate with any 3rd party services/platforms required.

Pam had produced her own design concept, she had her product descriptions and images together and needed someone with the care, attention to detail & Drupal Commerce experience to pull it together into a coherent site. We migrated the data from the Shopify site and, once the core of the new site was in place, gave Pam access to a staging server to start categorising her products and adding new ranges. She was able to access and edit the site before she was ready to go live, as soon as she was ready to launch we handed over full control. As always, we're here to help whenever she needs us and are continuing to work with her on ongoing projects.

In 2016 the site was re-themed to match Pam's current branding. We overhauled the site header & navigation design, the collections pages, added image swaps on collections pages while leaving the structure of the site unchanged was featured on the CommerceGuys Drupal Commerce showcase at the start of 2015 and was selected as a Drupal Commerce "Site Spotlight".

Our Project

  • Drupal Commerce set up
  • Responsive theming to suit Pam's market & branding
  • Multi-currency display support
  • PayPal set up & connection
  • Front page image slider
  • Creation of categories and tags navigation system
  • Drupal training
  • Branded social icon creation
  • Integrated and branded MailChimp for newsletters
  • Vectorized her logo

HUGE thanks for making the site so beautiful and user friendly.  I'm very very happy.

-- Pam Kerr
Pam Kerr Designs