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Orewa Orthodontist

Orewa, New Zealand
Susan Carpenter Orthodontist

As the leading Hibiscus Coast orthodontist Susan Carpenter wanted a site that reflected the values of her business and something that could educate potential clients. There are important differences between the services & core skills of dentists and orthodontists that Susan wanted to highlight so that clients are aware of the positive impact that using an orthodontist will have on their future life.

With a brief of 'clean, medical and friendly' we took the existing branding of the business and molded it into a responsive, mobile friendly theme. The site uses Drupal 7 for its content management so that Susan and her staff can update the content as frequently as they wish, managing text, images and whole pages.

We kept the contact information, booking form, location details and opening hours easily available throughout the site.

Susan had recently moved location and had a local professional photographer take some high quality images of the business, we then sourced a range of bright and friendly images to complete the site.

Our Project

  • Design
  • Theming
  • CMS set up
  • Sourcing photography