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Milly May

Milly May

Lyttelton, NZhttp://www.millymay.co.nz

Milly May owner Heather has been designing and manufacturing home and garden products in Lyttelton, New Zealand, using 100% hand imported printed cotton since the early 1980s.

Following on from the success of the SnoClothes relaunch Heather asked us do the same for the other side of her business -  MillyMay.co.nz.

Taking the existing strong branding as our start point we created a Shopify theme that supports the brand and provides great useability. The site is very simple to navigate and offers all the standard Shopify features - eg integrated search, contact forms and drop down menus.

At the time of writing Heather just needs to add some more products and the site is ready to go.

Our project: 

We took the existing Milly May branding and created a Shopify theme.

Providing drop down menus, textured background, 'craft cut' footer elementsa nd a consistency of fonts and colour use to balance the strength and stripes of the brand