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Christchurch, New Zealandhttp://www.listen.org.nz

Bullying can be an issue in many schools and areas of life. It can blight lives, but it doesn't have to - the narrative can be changed.

With inspirational speeches, powerful workshops with students listing to each other and developing empathy can bring positive change. This is the space that Listen operates in.

We built a custom Drupal 7 Platform to enable listen to easily add speakers, to accept booking enquiries and a wide range of plugins to quickly develop sustainable site functionality.

We chose Drupal because it offers a way to quickly build an MVP platform that delivers a great client and end user experience and can be iterated as the organisation's needs grow and change. The built in structuring tools and wide range of plugins let us quickly deliver high value, and sustainable, site functionality.

The front end is a custom bootstrap theme offering a great responsive layout across a full range of devices.

Our project: 
  • Site architecture with a view to a growing collection of speakers & thought leaders
  • Customised UI for easy addition of┬áspeakers and events
  • Site build
  • Custom design & theming