Latin Fire

Latin Fire

Christchurch, NZ

Donna and Warren wanted a site designed to attract new students to their Christchurch Salsa, Merengue, Zouk and Cha Cha school and provide a central location for the dance studio's dancers to share their photos and provide information on upcoming events and shows.

Latin Fire regularly update this site themselves, adding, editing and removing pages as they wish.  The management of classes, sessions, locations and instructors is super-easy and connects all these parts of a successful school together so that Latin Fire can easily keep accurate information on the site.
Individual class pages have their own booking forms automatically generated from the information entered - no more maintaining maps in one place, instructors in another and classes now relate to their sessions.

Accuracy has rocketed and maintenance time has plummeted, making for an up to date site that Latin Fire can focus on moving forward rather than maintaining.

Visitors are loving the site and bookings through the site have risen in response to the easy layout, above-the-fold calls to action and the mobile friendly layout.

Working with Donna is always fun, and this site revamp was no exception.