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Jack Tar Sailing

Jack Tar Sailing

Lyttelton, New Zealandhttps://www.jacktarsailing.co.nz/

Jack Tar Sailing run charters, guided trips and sailing courses on Lyttelton Harbour in the Oyster, a 1903 schooner.

Owner Mike's existing site had been hacked - when visitors clicked on a page they were taken to a spam site - and his contact form was broken. Unable to get it fixed by his existing developers he turned to us.

He liked the design & layout of his site and, while it needed updating to work on the devices his local & tourist clients are using, he wanted the new site as close to the original as possible. We took the existing content and images from his site and rebuilt it on Drupal 8 with a responsive Bootstrap theme.

With a clear underlying structure he can now add images, edit text, update prices and add pages whenever he needs to - with or without our help - and security patches are taken care of with our standard hosting. All of which leaves Mike free to do more of what he loves out on the water.

Our project: 
  • Mirror existing site
  • Set up Drupal 8 structure
  • Build responsive theme
  • Add content
  • Launch
  • Set up email