Instantly Ageless

Instantly Ageless

Christchurch, New Zealand

We offer a consultancy service to review sites, provide plans to improve their presence & conversion. 

There is an ever growing world of website builders out there and if you're looking to build a genuinely simple site - and not many sites actually fit into this - then is not a bad choice. You can drag and drop, select your colours, make a separate mobile specific layout, upload your images etc.
The counter to this is that if you own a pen and can write that doesn't make you a writer. It is vital to focus on the site's purpose, its Calls To Action(CTAs) and to visitor flow. It is very easy to get carried away adding features that don't add value and very hard to know how to lay out a page for maximum results and what to leave out altogether.

In the case of Instantly Ageless we produced a plan and implemented it to make the site much clearer, cleaner and easier for visitors to use.

The site now provides clear CTAs, ensuring key information is provided early and easily for each market segment. The existing site had some big drop-off points in the ordering process which have been removed, leading to much better conversion rate.

The restructure & redesign has been a great success and led to massively increased enquiries.

Our project

  • Site review
  • Identification of core CTAs
  • Site architecture & plan
  • ​Implementation of plan
  • Construction & seamless integration of offsite service to deliver customers to correct supplier pages
  • Ongoing reviews & updates