Holly Rogers Mortgages

Holly Rogers Mortgages

Christchurch, New Zealand

Holly has been in the mortgage advising & banking industry for more than 20 years. Deciding that she could offer her clients better tailored options for their needs if she had her own business instead of working from within one particular bank, she structured a detailed plan to set up her own business.

When the time arrived, she first sorted her branding; including her logo, colour scheme, business cards & flier within one week. She was then ready for her website to be built in the same style as the other marketing materials (which included her website address).  

The website supports her business, and provides her clients with a knowledge base for mortgage services. As she's just starting up, she wanted to keep costs to a minimum, while still implementing her start up plan at speed. Understanding that she'll probably need to move the site onto a more structured platform in the near future, we decided together to get a WIX site up quickly, as a cheap & very fast working "mockup" of the future site.  

At 18 pages plus a blog, this site is really pushing the edge of WiX's capabilities, she'll need a better editing experience and a quicker & more reliable structure in the future, but for this start up period of her business, she quickly attained the online support she needed to start her business with confidence and the instant credibility that comes with professionally designed, written, and structured website.

Working together with Holly, the site provides:

  • Detailed & well structured content
    • A home page that guides her clients to the correct section of the site for their personal circumstances.
    • Complete information written & organised for her clients covering all major areas of mortgage acquisition & mortgage terminology
    • Step by step checklists for her different types of clients, organised in an easy to navigate structure
    • Carefully chosen photography for each page to assure clients feel they are in the correct section of the site when they arrive, especially for the different types of property.
  • Easy access to mortgage specific tools
    • An integrated loan calculator
    • Customised Definitions & FAQ page content
  • Confident display of Holly's branding
    • A framework to show off her excellent personal business photographs created by the Love Your Look & Etta Images team
    • A bold contact form & footer in her branding colours
  • Advanced communication tools
    • An integrated Facebook messaging window, allowing her to use a system that clients were already using to contact her, but on her website - keeping the number of areas that customer contact information is stored to a minimum, while making it very easy for clients to get instant feedback and help while on the website.  Holly always has her phone with her, and without having to install any new apps, she is able to communicate with her customers in real time from anywhere.
    • Plus all the standard techniques, such as clickable phone number & email in header, easy to find contact information in the footer of every page, and a detailed contact page with a contact form, and social links connecting her Facebook & LinkedIn pages with her website.

Our project

  • Information navigation structure determination
  • Stock photography selection targeted to the audience of each page
  • Loan calculator integration
  • Facebook messenger instant messenger application installation
  • Site built to branding considerations
  • Content writing & editing where needed