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Harbour Co-op

Harbour Co-op

Lyttelton, NZhttp://www.harbourcoop.co.nz

The Harbour Co-op is a community owned, multi-stakeholder business that rose from the ashes of Lyttel Piko in the wake of the Christchurch earthquakes. With 'Big Piko' looking to divest from the business and Lyttelton having no supermarket or food outlet the local community came together to purchase the store and has now turned it into a thriving wholefoods & organic shop with a bright future.

The plans of the Harbour Co-op go beyond being 'just a store' - which meant that a traditional ecommerce platform like Magento simply wouldn't deliver the content driven site that they needed. Drupal Commerce, however, offers the ability to do all the things they wanted, and has plenty of power left over for those future plans:

  • Ecommerce
  • POS integration
  • Edit access for Employees & Board Members
  • Faceted/Filtered Search
  • Member segmentation & tiered pricing
  • Creative Commons licensing
  • Responsive multi-platform layout
  • Structured content & easy editing

The site provides the Harbour Co-op with a national presence and gives access to those outside the Lyttelton area to source a range of Organic, Wholefood and related products.