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GurneyGoo is an incredibly functional product, it does what it says it will far better than any first time user expects. A key part of the GurneyGears strategy is to grow their worldwide dealer network and help more people get out there doing more for longer.

We built a Drupal Commerce platform for GurneyGoo.com and then strategically added GurneyGoo.us, GurneyGoo.co.uk, GurneyGoo.com.au and GurneyGoo.asia to create a network of sites.

The chosen platform provides some key features for making the project a success.

  • Shared branding & theming - single updates flow across the network of sites and can be overridden locally as required
  • Local and region specific content can be maintained by local distributors
  • Incremental feature addition across the network
  • Syndicated content sharing between sites on the network
  • Syndication of external content of regional interest into single sites
  • Localisation of taxes, shipping methods and payment processors
  • Localisation to meet region specific laws - eg EU Cookie requirements

Having these elements in place reduced launch time and increased consistency, providing GurneyGears with a great way to support their distributor network & retailers while retaining control over their branding & presence.

Our project: 
  • Drupal Commerce set up
  • Regional taxation set up
  • Regional shipping set up
  • Distributor access for ordering & maintaining retailer listings
  • Responsive theming to suit branding
  • Payment processor integration
  • Custom shopping cart functionality