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Christchurch, New Zealand

The site has two core aims:

  • Raise the profile of the GurneyGears brand, driving distribution into new regions
  • Make direct worldwide sales into regions that don't have local retailers

Initially the site was built to replace an existing e-commerce system that was ageing and suffering from various issues that were getting expensive to fix.

Site Spec:

  • Capable of handling local & international tax rates
  • Able to provide accurate worldwide shipping quotes without needing maintenance
  • Capable of handling traffic spikes and remaining performant on standard hosting
  • Able to handle interrelated content in easy & flexible ways

There is more content than products on, some of the content explains how to use a product, some how to choose the right product and some is testimonials and advice around the products. Some products stand on their own and some are effectively  accessories to a core product, but can be purchased on their own.

Once the site architecture was laid out, we chose Drupal for its ability to relate and display the content the way we needed to. We chose to build the site on the Commerce Kickstart platform to give us a highly functional and solid base, saving a lot of set up time and delivering a more easily maintained site.

The outcome was a friendly, on-brand site that's simple to use and simple to maintain.

It is delivering great value and direct sales to the GurneyGears brand, delivering on both of its core aims.

This is a bespoke design and the site has more pages than you might expect for a company with a relatively small core of products. There is a wealth of information, user feedback and usage instructions on the site and the challenge was to organise it without burying anything or confusing users by putting everything in the visitors' face at once.  Sales are significantly higher than the old site and it continues to attract new distributors and users to the business.

Our Project

  • Design built from conceptual artwork & branding guidelines by The Mark
  • Migration to full e-commerce system (Drupal Commerce)
  • NZPost API integration for accurate, real time shipping estimates worldwide, from this work we developed and released the Commerce NZ Post module
  • Stripe payments

Sales are WAAAAY up guys, couldn't be happier!

- Steve Gurney, GurneyGears