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New Zealand

Daltons have been a family business providing shingle, sand, potting mixes & landscape products for over 70 years. They supply to DIY & Gardening retail stores, such as Bunnings & the Warehouse, as well nurseries, landscapers, horticulturalists and the general public.

They were looking for a DXP ( Digital Experience Platform ) & development group that could manage their mixture of content and customer types, something that would let them engage their target market segments. Their new platform needed to be able to interact with their ERP system, provide site editors, marketers and visitors with the level of access they need to fulfil their roles and that could re-theme both units of content, pages and site areas for different user groups and to provide a responsive and friendly site.

The single site serves their three core user bases:

  • Retail bagged customer base with Gardening Guides, details of retail stockists, Sunflowers in Kindies community outreach program & competition, customer competitions, and company information.
  • Commercial customers with a separate theme and content structure plus online sales, stockist lists, product information, individual brand sections for separate product lines, and more. Products are synced overnight, or on demand, from the company ERP.
  • Landscape yard customers with online sales, a range of helpful tools and information about the product ranges and usage guides and instructions.

Site editors have access to the Layout Builder drag and drop system in the back end to manage site content and structure and can add and edit content, forms and products as they need. With PurpleSherbet managing the gardening content and more complex competitions & social media.

The first iteration of the site we built with detailed designs from Naomi and the team at LimeLight creative - Daltons' then graphic design team - we used a Drupal 8 platform with Commerce. At launch, Commerce was still in beta, very shortly after launch it went to its first release candidate, just in time for the second iteration of the site to start with direct ordering for selected customer segments.

Since launch the site has been kept up to date with the latest versions of Drupal and re-themed to work with Daltons' new graphic designer at Creative Current, all without the need to rebuild the site or the content.

Our Project

  • Graphic Designed provided styling
  • Custom ERP integration
  • User groups & access control
  • On site competitions, social media integration, mailchimp integration
  • Variety of content types & layouts
  • Flexible layouts in some locations, tightly controlled layouts in others
  • Abstracted design patterns & templates for clean re-use and easy re-theming throughout the site
  • Commercial, Retail & Landscape customers served from a single site & codebase.
  • TailwindCSS & AlpineJs

BlueFusion have been responsive and helpful at every corner. We have really appreciated how they worked around our timing requirements.

They have invested care and attention to our project to make it the best it can be both for now and in preparation for future needs, with many suggestions and advice along the way.

I will be recommending their business to others looking for a quality open source CMS website build.

-- Naomi Young - Limelight Creative ( Daltons' designer & project manager )