CDSA Library

CDSA Library

Canterbury, New Zealand

The CDSA (Canterbury Down Syndrome Association) works with those with Down Syndrome, along with parents, whanau and educators. They have a collection of resources available for loan to members and needed a quick & easy way to keep track of where the resources were at any moment in time and to provide reports to their supporters showing just how much use the library is getting, which groups are using the resources, and how much good work it does.

The existing open source library software available presented too much of an overhead in set up and ongoing management for the group to take on, so instead we opted to build a custom application on a Drupal 8 platform.

Working to match the existing theming on the core CDSA website the site allows non-members to browse and filter the resources as well as providing links to with affiliate tracking, hoping to generate extra revenue for the association library, while also being able to help those who live outside of Canterbury with a respected list of resources.

Members are able to request loans, which administrators can then issue, return and add notes as required.

Linking the relationship between CDSA members and the whanau/groups/schools etc they work with helps provide detailed reporting to CDSA supporting foundations.

Our project

  • Drupal 8 site build
  • Theming to match existing association site
  • AJAX interaction to help speed managing loans
  • Reports with filtering to assist group reporting
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