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Career Matters

Christchurch, New Zealand

Tracey needed a platform for young adults to find her services, understand how learning about what careers suits their personalities best can help them make decisions in this early phase and how that will allow them to follow their dreams and live happier, healthier lives.

Her site includes an easy booking system, so clients can book their own free consultation, and all follow up meetings directly through the site - saving everyone involved time & frustration.

Once a package has been chosen & purchased, clients are given a link and password to access the instructions & links they need to take the assessment - the second step for most of her clients.

The site also hosts hidden landing pages for promotional e-books. These are used on social media to drive interest to her site, where potential clients can fill out a contact form in return for getting a free e-book. Including this within the Wix platform has saved her what would have been an extra monthly charge through another hosted service - and this way her database is all in one location, with her branding, and in her full control. This is a much smarter solution from all angles.

A blog helps her continue her promotional activities through social media by providing content links to her website. Visitors to the site can then easily book sessions and start their journey to a career that brings them fulfilment and matches their personal strengths.

Lastly, her contact page provides and easy location to connect, chat & call using a variety of technology - most of her meetings are held online using SKYPE or ZOOM, or other similar technologies.

Our Project

  • Wix site build
  • G Suite (Google) set up & calendar syncing
  • Wix bookings set up & connect to Google calendar
  • Wix Blog design & set up
  • Content editing
  • E-book design & editing
  • Landing page creation

Seamless! Understood what I wanted/needed, even when I didn't, and was able to interpret the 'look' I was going for.

-- Tracey Beard, Owner, Career Matters