Web hosting, domain names, email & websites????

There are lots of 'bits' to a web presence, and when you're not used to them it can get confusing which bits you need and what you're paying for with each one. Hopefully this will make it clearer.

There are 4 things here and a shop analogy should help.

Why use your web development company's hosting?

We go through phases of getting this question, sometimes we can seem to go months without it coming up, and then it comes up several times in a week.

Generally the pattern seems to be: client looks online, or has a friend that builds websites, and asks "Why does it cost $xx ( or $xxx ) to host with you when I can get hosting for $5 with lots of databases, unlimited email accounts, unlimited traffic and unlimited disk space?"

Top 5 tips for creating content on your website

If you're struggling to write new content for your site, you're not alone. Many new site owners find it hard to write - that's the reason we offer a content creation service. However, most people can learn how to write their own content, and once you've learnt you'll be able to continue to develop your site and to build your online reputation.

There are a few key points to keep in mind while you're churning out all those keyword laced pages.

Painfree Payroll...???

We recently had the pleasure of attending a presentation by the fabulous Lani of Thankyou Payroll. Their business plan revolves around the fact that everyone hates dealing with payroll. Even the IRD don't like dealing with payroll! In fact, the IRD hate dealing with it so much that they pay ~10 companies around NZ to make the pain go away. Thankyou Payroll is one of those 10 companies, but they do things a little differently.

Bing vs Google

Is it really time to shift to a new search engine? Has Google finally lost its edge and taken too many steps to maximise its revenue instead of serving its customers?

Let's face it, Google has been the only place to get your search results for a very long time now. No other search engine has got close to providing the breadth and depth of results that the mighty Google has. But I think the winds are shifting.