Why use your web development company's hosting?

Why use your web development company's hosting?

We go through phases of getting this question, sometimes we can seem to go months without it coming up, and then it comes up several times in a week.

Generally the pattern seems to be: client looks online, or has a friend that builds websites, and asks "Why does it cost $xx ( or $xxx ) to host with you when I can get hosting for $5 with lots of databases, unlimited email accounts, unlimited traffic and unlimited disk space?"

It's a reasonable question, after all we don't offer unlimited disk space or unlimited traffic, we only give you as many databases as your site needs and we don't offer any email address at all ( use your domain on GMail, it's better and we can set it up for you ).

So, if you don't get all that wonderful stuff, then what do you get?

  • A server administrator that keeps your site software up to date on a daily basis.
  • Someone at the end of the phone that can solve your problem - no waiting in an endless support queue
  • Speed - we keep your site available to your customers.
  • Reliability - you may never have hosted with a cheap hosting company before that one day decided to upgrade their version of apache, php, or to stop supporting ImageMagick or some other vital piece of software that your site depends on, in which case you should consider yourself very smart indeed.
  • And, of course, you don't actually get all that wonderful stuff for $5 a month - just try hosting unlimited data or a busy site  and see what happens. If you did get those things then Amazon & Google would be on that service too, just think what they'd save on hard disks & bandwidth!

So, our answer is -

  • How much is your website worth to you?
  • How much is a customer worth to you?
  • If your site goes down, what will you lose?
  • What will it cost you to maintain the site?
  • What will it cost you if the server is upgraded to software incompatible with your site?

I view our hosting ( and that of most web companies ) as an absolute bargain, the economies of scale that let us patch your site at the same time as others we host saves you time & money and leaves you free to build your business without worrying about downtime & security holes.

We are thoroughly confident that our hosting will save you time and money, keep your customers happy & stop you from pulling your hair out.