Painfree Payroll...???

Painfree Payroll...???

We recently had the pleasure of attending a presentation by the fabulous Lani of Thankyou Payroll. Their business plan revolves around the fact that everyone hates dealing with payroll. Even the IRD don't like dealing with payroll! In fact, the IRD hate dealing with it so much that they pay ~10 companies around NZ to make the pain go away. Thankyou Payroll is one of those 10 companies, but they do things a little differently. Their point of difference is that they make their system completely free at the point of delivery for small-medium businesses, and while also donating a percentage to community initiatives.

So, how does this help you?

Well, historically the IRD has had to deal with payroll information that employers submit in almost every form imaginable. Badly formatted Excel printouts, hand written notes on scruffy paper... And what's more, they'd really like it on time, not weeks or months late - they get very grumpy if it keeps arriving late.

Being the big brained smarties that they are they came up with a brilliant idea: if it costs us all this money chasing people and dealing with their poor handwriting and inaccuracies why don't we spend that money up front and nip the problem in the bud?

Enter Thankyou Payroll...

Completely free for businesses employing up to 50 people, Thankyou Payroll will handle your payroll and submit your IR348 & IR345 returns to the IRD on time, every time, and in a legible format too. They will take care of your sick leave, holiday allowances etc as part of the payroll process.

If you are a Xero user, and if you're not then talk to us about Xero, you'll find that Thankyou Payroll integrates nice and easily with Xero.

Never before has helping the the IRD save money looked so appealing.

You can find them on 0800 895 146 and online at

The only other things we could tell you are that non-profits can use the system, and that part of their social enterprise business plan involves regular donations to local groups around New Zealand.

We should probably also tell you that we are not affiliated to Thankyou Payroll ( or the IRD ) in any way, and you should ensure that the Thankyou Payroll system offers the services that you need before you commit - don't just take our word for it.