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Google Ads Strategy

Appearing on more searches, which results in more site traffic & ultimately to more leads is the aim for online marketing through Google Ads.

If you search for a generic search phrase in your industry, you are likely to see around four ads (one of them expanded), then a map with a few more results, then if you scroll down, you'll see the top organic search results for that phrase.

In industries where there has been a lot of competition for top ranking search results, there is now a lot of competition for top ranking Ad results as these are the listings that most people will see unless they are willing to scroll or search again with a more specific search phrase for their needs.

Ranking well in Ads is very similar to ranking well in the organic SEO results: The wording & structure of your Ads, your keywords, and your landing pages all have to be considered by Google to be the best / most likely relevant search results for the person who is searching for that particular phrase. With Ads there is also a budget element, but that is often a secondary tie-breaker rather than the primary consideration in ranking.

This means, that to manage a Google Ads account to get the best return on investment for your ad spend, we'll also be working on your organic SEO, as they work hand in hand with Ads rankings. This will help you be found for more specific searches where the competition isn't as high, and there may be fewer paid positions filled.

Standard steps to this process are:

  1. Set up website access, site reporting systems & connect a set of Google services
  2. Review any existing data for clues on areas with low hanging fruit for improvement, and areas of high public interest but low current ranking that are well aligned with the organisation's bread & butter offerings.
  3. Target these areas with Ads & SEO work to drive targeted traffic onto the site.
  4. Review data from above traffic to find patterns, and learn which search behaviours most commonly resulted in new sales leads.
  5. Target higher converting searchers with Ads & SEO content.
  6. Refine & review on a monthly basis, watching for changes in the market, while working towards steady growth within the industry in terms of new traffic onsite & new sales leads arriving from this marketing.

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions, or would like to discuss your online marketing needs.