Convert your print design into a web site

Convert your print design into a web site

Print and web are very different skill areas. If you're looking to convert your print, or graphic, design into a fabulous web site we can bring the web expertise and delivery to your project.

What we can take care of:

  • Conversion of your design concept into either a desktop sized layout or into a fully responsive, mobile ready site that functions across a range of modern web browsers and platforms.
  • Set up & ongoing administration of a suitable Content Management System (CMS).
  • Hosting - we can provide hosting or we can advise on suitable hosting for the site.
  • Site launch, or site launch support if you prefer to handle this yourself.
  • Advice on payment processors.
  • Search Engine Optimisation advice & implementation.
  • Navigation and site structure advice.
  • Content strategy advice.
  • Site caching and site speed.

How does having us convert your print design into a web site work?

This varies according to your preferred method, but in general...

  • We are happy to work directly with your client, or with just you as our point of contact - entirely up to you.
  • We work with you to understand the intended content of the site. This can have a big structural effect on the site and should feed back into the design that you create.
  • You work with the client to produce a design they are happy with. If you haven't worked on web projects before it's worth running your intended layout past us before presenting to the client. This can be a wireframe or a full layout, showing the design to us first means we can address any navigational, structural or usability issues before the client commits to the layout.
  • Once the design is signed off you provide us with a PSD file containing your design.
  • You, if you're exclusively working with the client, provide some real content for the site. Why real content? Because that's pretty much the only way to find out if something was missed in the design stage.
  • We convert that design into a web layout ( HTML, CSS & any other formats required ) and show you a functional, CMS development site.
  • Once you're happy that the client signed off design & the development site are in step you sign off on the layout of the site.
  • What happens next depends on the type of site: we may need to set up payment options & processing, shipping costs, data feeds, 3rd party integrations etc
  • Once we have completed the set up it's now time to put the remaining content into the site, make some final tweaks and...
  • Launch! We can place on one of our servers, source a server for you or advise on the specifications you need to look for in a server if you'd prefer to source your own.

We are happy to provide post-launch support, ongoing maintenance, content optimisation and any other assistance your site needs on an ongoing basis.

If you're looking for a web company that understands how to take your concept and turn it into a fabulous web site get in touch