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Contributing to the community

A little landmark was reached at BlueFusion the other day - we made it onto the DrupalCommerce forum leaderboard!

Contributing to the Drupal community has been a big discussion point within the Drupal community over the past few months. We, and our clients, benefit from the massive number of hours put into building Drupal by developers, designers, documentation writers and others around the world and it's important to us that we share the solutions we find & the code we write with the community.

One of the ways we share is by contributing solutions and ideas on the both the Drupal.org & DrupalCommerce forums. 'Andy @ BlueFusion' is now one of the top 10 contributers to the Drupal Commerce forum - #10 to be specific, and a loooooong way back from the top but it's nice to be there.

We also contribute by maintaining modules, providing patches and fixing documentation issues we find. Our aim for 2015 is to be involved in getting DrupalCommerce running on Drupal8 with code commits & documentation.