Bing vs Google

Bing vs Google

Is it really time to shift to a new search engine? Has Google finally lost its edge and taken too many steps to maximise its revenue instead of serving its customers?

Let's face it, Google has been the only place to get your search results for a very long time now. No other search engine has got close to providing the breadth and depth of results that the mighty Google has. But I think the winds are shifting.

My primary reason* for giving Bing another shot isn't something that most web users will care about - it may even be a reason to stay away from Bing - but it got me started looking at the quality of search results, and now I'm staying.

For many of the terms I search for - often related to work, sports I like, technology etc - I'm finding that Bing provides both more accurate results on the first page, and a wider range of results from a wider range of sites. They do still have some work to do in fully indexing sites, often Bing has around 1/3rd of the listings that Google does - but somehow it seems to have the important pages, and that's pretty much what I'm after.

It's very strange to find myself voluntarily using a Microsoft product, but here I am 'Binging' instead of 'Googling'

*The reason is that Google no longer passes on referrer information, but Bing does. You can still get full information on keywords from Google Adwords, so it's not a move to protect anyone's privacy - it seems to have been done just to drive more clients into feeding Google's advertising revenue. I'm not a big fan of business models that restrict user control to increase revenue.