10 Reasons to make your website Responsive

10 Reasons to make your website Responsive

A Responsive Web Design (RWD) structure isn't right for absolutely every business, but unless you need something very specific and unattainable from a web site on your mobile version it is right for you. If you're not sure what RWD is please check out our "What is RWD" article.

So, here are our top 10 reasons to use RWD on your website:

  1. Reach your customers. Mobile use in NZ has rocketed, as of late 2013 over 60% of adults owned smart phone - it climbs every month so imagine how much higher that must be now. Make sure you're communicating with your customers the way they want to communicate with you and that your business looks at its best when they visit your site
  2. Google likes responsive. Google says that, all other things being equal, it gives priority in listings to site that they know will display well on the visitors devices - there's no point in sending searchers to sites they can't use.
  3. Better conversion rate. The easier it is for visitors to use your site and find the right content the more of those visitors you're going to turn into customers. People have reported conversion rates rising by up to 300% on changing their site be responsive
  4. It's less work. Once your site uses RWD you no longer need to watch out for new uses and platforms - you've got them covered.
  5. It's social. If social media is one of your key traffic drivers then you need an RWD site - the majority of traffic arriving on web sites from social media sites ( such as Facebook ) comes from mobile devices.
  6. It's faster. When your site is 'mobile first' you can make sure you only deliver big pages, images & javascript to desktop devices and keep the mobile version light and snappy. Site speed & conversion rates have an inverse relationship.
  7. It will save you money. Developing a mobile specific site is likely to double the cost of creating your site - and then you have to maintain it. Every time you want to make a design tweak, swap out images, rebrand or change content you'll need to make sure that your changes are made, and are functional, on both versions of your site.
  8. Reduce user confusion. Your site theming will be consistent across all devices, you visitors won't be wondering if they're looking at the same business on their phone as they were at their desk.
  9. Customers will be able to find you. You're not the only person to have set off in the car only to find you need to stop and look up the place you were headed to, make it easy for your customers to make it to your door
  10. It's the future. Ignoring your mobile/tablet presence today is like ignoring your web site was a few years ago, don't let your customers down and don't let your competitors get ahead.

So, that was our 'Why go responsive' top 10, what did you think?

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